WHITE RABBIT DANCE @ Wisteria Gardens

White Rabbit Dance inspires the imagination!!

Hatter and His Cheshire Cat
Ever wonder what it would be like to sit and chat with the Caterpillar and share a hookah? How about dancing with the Mad Hatter? Well come to Wisteria and meet them all! Amazing DJ’s to rock the fantasy world of the Rabbit.

Best in Costume contest! You must be in costume to enter. 500L is the prize to one winner! But that’s not all. There are random linden drops as long as you have your Wisteria tag on for this event. We also have spin the bottle and Truth ball!

White Rabbit paints!

DJ Line Up

7/28/17 @ 5:00PM – 6:00PM SLT – DJ MacDaddy
7/28/17 @ 6:00PM – 8:00PM SLT – DJ Dracona Thor

7/29/17 @ 5:00PM – 6:00PM SLT – DJ MacDaddy
7/29/17 @ 6:00PM – 8:00PM SLT – DJ Starr Amulet

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Tiki Island’s Under the Sea Dance

What you missed Under the Sea

Tiki Island’s Under the Sea Dance was the first in a series of 2 day events. We held a “Best Costume” contest which really turned out to be more like everyone included kind of thing. LOL. DJ Drac rolled out some of her best stuff for the party and we danced later than scheduled but it was so much fun! She did this cute MP4 of me Dancing Manta Everyone dressed in amazing outfits!

500L was awarded both nights and congrats to both winners. Of course we still had the linden payoffs too. Check out some of our pics from the party!

We hope to see you at the upcoming party for Memorial Weekend!!

Silken Sydney

Tiki Islands Grand Opening!!

When: 3rd and 4th, June 2017

Tiki Island has been undergoing some changes. Some of you may have noticed the new lay out of the Island. We have added more beach front and more water to play on. Most of all, a 1/4 sim has been allocated to the new Tiki Island Banyan House!! This beautiful structure is 2000 Prim before furniture was added. This is to be the new members only Elite Club. More details will follow or you can hit me up over the weekend to ask about it.

Next is the introduction to the sister sim, .:Wisteria Gardens! Wisteria is an adult sim but has lush rolling grass. It has a beach and small village to explore the oddities found there. There are some hidden locations for love and romance and a dance floor that peers down on it all. It currently hosts 4 rental plots on the land itself which are parceled for privacy. There is another level with beautiful landscaping with 4 more private homes and 4 that have an unobstructed western view.

Next is the formal opening of the BDSM Castle! Free for all to have fun in or plan a party. Eighteen rooms and not all are complete yet. Slave Auctions, dances, or just some of you hot and sexy fun for the taking!

Lets not forget our underwater feature too! Free swimming fish, mer-houses, jelly fish and its own dance area. Parties or just for lovers, Tiki/Wisteria offer you the best of everything and plan to keep on going.

Stay Tuned!



WHEN: April 29th @ 6:00 PM SLT
DJ: To be announced

EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Let’s LEGO! Be creative and come with something in mind or come as you are. Its LEGO NIGHT! Dress up and LEGO of all your inhibitions! Dance and party with us. Those who have been to our parties know how fun it can be. Linden raffle always a mainstay.

Not sure how to find it? Ask me for a TP or LM


Easter Party Update!

Well the party was a great success and tons of fun.  We got to meet new people who pleasantly surprised by the festivities and stayed to have a bit if fun with us. There were many Linden winners that night and they kept on dropping until the party was over.

DJ Drac played some great tunes and stayed longer due to the crowd.  Always great when a DJ will do that! She has a great mix of rock and keeps this group moving! That woman knows how to party!

Rock, Chastity(Cha Cha) and I started off with a game of greedy.  Rock’s “carrot” was popping up through the table now and then as you can see  ~laughs~ but then we headed over to Wisteria Gardens for the fun.

The night carried on and then the stripping started. Half time rules started by Johnny! You can see more pictures on the Easter Gallery. I just don’t know how to tell you all the fun we had. I was so busy dancing and having fun, I forgot to snap pictures all night long. I did end up peeling a bit off like everyone else but hey….we are an adult sim right? ~winks~



When: Saturday, April 15th @ 6:00SLT
DJ: Dracona Tho


Now I know you saw the notices but there was more to tell! This is a Tiki Island Sponsored dance but we are moving it to our new sister sim, WISTERIA GARDENS! This will be a sneak peek at the new sim while we continue to develop it.

DJ Dracona Thor is new to our group but we hope to have her back along with Richbo. She has her own unique style of music that is hot and fun! You simply must hear her and you will be hooked too! Come check out the dance and all we have to offer you.

We will be having a slightly larger Linden drop than usual due to our introduction to Wisteria Gardens. You will need to get a Wisteria Tag to cash in.

Wisteria is a Adult rated Sim with lush greenery and has a few hidden places for lovers. It has 3 tree top dwellings and a small village of curiosities. Among the grasses are objects for your amusement and a lake for quiet reflection.

There are rental houses on Wisteria with 4 levels of pricing. Please contact me, SilkenSydney, for more details. The homes on the land itself are privatized with security systems. If you happen to venture too close, you may end up getting sent home but are always welcome to turn. If you wish to see a rental, please let me know.

Last but not least, Wisteria is home to the new Blues Club, Ziggy’s! A new hot spot for those who love the Blues. It has a warm feel with smoked glass ceilings to enjoy the panoramic night skies. Club seating to hang with friends and enjoy the sounds of performers. Ziggy’s is owned and operated by Kris Chemistry and should you see him in the club, feel free to chat with him.

So as you see…our dance is so much more so we hope to see you all there. If you need a LM or TP, pleaqse contact me!!


Tiki Island Goes Sci Fi ! 4th March 2017

A few days ago, in a galaxy known as Second Life, a sim arose from beyond the stars to host a party that was OUT OF THIS WORLD !!! Tiki Island once again held their coveted Theme Party, and this time the science fiction setting was an absolute BLAST !
Set aboard an adult themed space station, DJ Richbo managed to turn his planets to the throng of revellers partying the night away in costumes that were absolutely stunning. Those who attended witnessed the Guardians of the Galaxy characters, an Alien from HR Giger wearing a sombrero, to aliens with tongues that would make any girl weak at the knees 😉 Once again Tiki Island managed to raise the bar and create a party so amazing that it has had people talking about it ever since.
Sydney managed to woo the crowd with her outstanding social prowess, enticing many members to come and partake in the action from the ever-so-popular G-Spot Club upstairs, and also many members of Tiki Island arrived to see what all the noise was. Sorry about that Tiki Residents !
A huge congratulations to Chastity and Rock, who were the joint winners of the best dressed costume and the competition was so fierce that we decided to run a second competition on the night which was duly won by Ellafaine ! Congrats to you all, and your costumes were stunning.
The set proved so popular, that it has now become a permanent feature orbiting Tiki Island, just outside from the G-Spot Club, where you can see the Millennium Falcon docked alongside. So get along and visit the set if you have not yet seen it already, and trust me, you will enjoy it 😉
Stay tuned for our next event, which I am sure will be another huge success. Many thanks to you all for your support and we couldn’t do this without you. It is because of you that many members of Tiki Island work hard putting on great sets and shows, and we are so pleased to see it appreciated by you all. You all deserve a huge round of applause ! We look forward to seeing you all again soon !

Tiki Island’s Lingerie & Undies Party 18th Feb 2017

Wow, once again Tiki Island pulls out all the stops and we get the most fantastical party events ever !  This time it was the turn of the Lingerie and Undies Party theme.  As you can imagine, this was going to be one HOT STEAMY event, hosted by our very own Sydney and most awesome DJ Richbo.
Again, Tiki Island hosted two parties; one at a time convenient for our European friends, at 2pm SLT and then again at 6pm SLT for our American brethren.  The first party, set under the hot blazing sun had people stripped down to what can only be described as quite possibly the best Victoria’s Secret demonstrations you could ever imagine !  The second party was set under the warm night sky of Tiki Island, illuminated by torches on the beach, and once again people stripped down to their most sexy outfits.  If you’ve never attended a Tiki Party, you have truly missed out.  Absolutely fantastic music from our resident DJ Richbo has you dancing the night away whilst you get to dance and socialise with some of the most amazing people in Second Life, and what’s more, they aren’t wearing very much !
Tiki Island hosts parties every weekend, and as you can see from previous blogs, the themes are amazing.  We have further parties lined up, ranging from a Space theme to a Superheroes theme and even a Stone Age theme !  There is always something for everyone at this wonderful island, and we cannot wait to meet you all !! 

Tiki Island News

Tiki Island and Second Life

tpsb tiki islandTiki Island has had many changes over the past month or so. First, we have acquired the new “Members Only” Gangbang Spot. Better known as the G-Spot locally and not to be confused with the other place by that name. This was originally Jono’s Gang Bang Crew and he chose Tiki to be the new home for his members. Thank you Jono and we hope to maintain the same quality as you had. Memberships are open until February 14th and after that, everyone will pay 20L a month club dues. Those having joined early will start paying until July. That was the compensation offered to those who already paid fees to Jono.

Tiki Island has been hosting dances every weekend, sometimes two!. Some are themed dances and some just a regular good time. EVERYONE is welcome to join the in to the dance! DJ Richbo and Red have been doing our music for awhile now. Recently Red has resigned for a time due to personal business. Our Island is growing. It’s people are happy and finding out why Tiki Island is here.

The BDSM level is being renovated and will soon be ready for use again!! We will relaunch with a Fetish and Kink Party, DJ’d by Dax Rahl. Stay tuned for dates and time. I can’t wait to show you!!

Come see us soon.


A Tiki Christmas Party!!

2016 Tiki Christmas
2016 Tiki Christmas

2016 Tiki Christmas[/caption]December 17th @ 6:00 PM SLT

DJ RICHBO will be celebrating the Tiki Christmas season with us. We have built a new Sky Level for the season and will be holding the festivities up there. There is plenty of fun to go along with the great music Richbo always provides us. There will be random Linden drops, snowmobile races, a maze to check out, sleigh rides and more! Make it a fun night with us and get your Tiki Tag to win. Memberships are free!